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  • Regarding Our Annual Shows
  • "I've attended several of the North Pennsmen's concerts over the years. They are always high caliber in terms of production and performance. This spring, the North Pennsmen, along with the Liberty Belles, offered a stellar concert of popular songs and product commercials recalling years gone by.

    From the opening entrance of singers urging us to 'See the USA in your Chevrolet' to the grand finale, we were so impressed and engaged throughout the whole show. Clearly, this is a talented and dedicated group. I recommend that anyone see their upcoming scheduled shows!"
    - Jennifer R., 5/6/19

    "I have always enjoyed North Pennsmen Barber Shop Chorus concerts. Their musical harmonies are amazing. Bravo to all of you!"
    - Mary S., 5/11/19

    "My husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to attend the North Pennsmen's 2019 Spring Concert performed jointly with the Liberty Belles at Souderton Mennonite Church on Friday, April 12. I was blown away with the quality of the show and the talent that was displayed that evening.

    All the men and women sang beautifully, and it was a pleasure to listen to the blend of many gifted and unique voices brought together by their love for music and performing. This show was very entertaining, and the joy displayed by the performers was contagious.

    It was an immense pleasure to attend this concert. My husband and I look forward to future events."
    - Marlene L, 4/26/19

    "I have been going to North Pennsmen Barbershop Chorus shows for about four years now, and I must say that they are absolutely fabulous, wonderful, funny, exciting and just delightful! I can't say enough about them. They are a must see. Bravo, bravo! I can't wait until the next one,"
    - Nancy S, 4/18/19

    "I have been to the North Pennsmen's concerts for many years and I always look forward to their wonderful harmonizing each spring and Christmas season."
    - Holly J, 3/21/19


  • Regarding The Chorus in General
  • "The North Pennsmen are one of the premier barbershop singing groups along the east coast. Their harmony and music are tops.

    Their quartets are reminiscent of The Buffalo Bills from The Music Man. They are that exceptional. They sing for the public twice a year. Each event has an intriguing theme, putting the members in unusual-style clothing.

    Their special guests add to the excitement and entertainment of the program. In 25 years, I have never missed one of their shows. So, come and support these great community singers. It doesn't get any better."
    - Paul C, 4/24/19


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