Musical Director

Anne Bureau

Anne Bureau has directed the North Pennsmen since 2005.  A highly accomplished and committed instructor, she brings over 30 years of barbershop singing experience to our chorus every Tuesday evening.  She has a love for music and a desire to share her passion with others.

Anne has attended numerous training sessions with Harmony Inc. and the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Training sessions included basic, intermediate and advanced singing techniques, performance and choreography, advanced vocal production, physics of sound and theory of tuning.

In addition to directing the North Pennsmen, Anne has served as a performance coach and sang competitively in choruses and quartets at various regional and international competitions.

Of note, Anne sang baritone in the 1993 spectrum94Harmony Inc. international quartet champion "Spectrum."

Anne’s extensive directing experience began with her studies at Harmony College where she was formally introduced to the art of directing a chorus.  She has been a certified Barbershop Harmony Society Director since 2000 and has directed several choruses in Harmony Inc., Sweet Adelines International and the Barbershop Harmony Society. 

In 2006, Anne became a Certified Music Judge.  Since then, she has judged, evaluated, and coached numerous quartets and choruses in the Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony Inc. 

In addition to serving as musical director for the North Pennsmen, Anne is the founder and musical director of the Liberty Belles of Lansdale, a chapter of Harmony Inc.

Meet Anne at one of our rehearsals!

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