Visit a Rehearsal

We are holding Live In-Person Rehearsals and accepting new members EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT! 

This is the BEST time to join - meet our members,  get singing and feel happy!  Contact us to join our Tuesday night rehearsals and we'll provide you with what you need for the evening!


"We are more than a singing ensemble, we are a brotherhood.  We love meeting each week to further friendships and perform great music. If you love to sing, then visit us to discover how to ring chords!  Coming to our rehearsals is the best way to learn about who we are and what we do." - Ig Jakovac, Past President North Pennsmen Chorus

Call 215-393-1940 or email for more information.

We encourage members and guests not to attend a rehearsal if they are experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms.

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