Membership Award

Akiva Harker

2022 Barbershopper of the Year


Awarded to Akiva Harker

Each year, the North Pennsmen elect a “Barbershopper of the Year” (BOTY) to recognize a member of the chapter for outstanding service.  The recipent is honored with a commemorative cup engraved with the year of the award, the title "Barbershopper of the Year" and the individual's name.

The member honored in one year is responsible for running the election of the following year’s BOTY, securing the cup (paid for by the Chapter), having it engraved and presenting it to the winner.  This cup is purchased from Koehler’s Jewelers located at Broad and Main Streets in Lansdale, PA (215-855-3627).

The process that has been observed to nominate, elect and recignize the BOTY are as follows:

In December, the current recipient presents a form to the membership requesting nominations for the award to be presented in January or February of the next year.  After receiving the nominations, the previous recipient draws up a ballot with the top (most nominations received) 4 to 8 candidates.

These ballots are given to the membership at a subsequent meeting, then collected and counted.

The winner is not announced until the presentation is made, usually at the meeting when the officers of the year are installed.

Year    Awardee
1966    Bill Moser 1st awardee
1967    Walt Rittenhouse
1968    Art Tyson
1969    Bill Morris
1970    John Weber
1971    Frank Helms
1972    Ellis Kocher
1973    Mark Moyer
1974    None
1975    George Kocher
1976    Ed Wood
1977    Jack Alt
1978    Ken Ehrlich
1979    None
1980    Bruce Aldinger
1981    Bruce Aldinger
1982    Fred Brunner
1983    Bruce Aldinger
1984    Scott Ward
1985    Ken Ehrlich
1986    Chet Cloud
1987    Bob Phifer
1988    Scott Ward
1989    Ellis Kocher
1990    George Kocher
1991    George Krebs
1992    Bill Kendig
1993    Chuck Lower and Dennis Vogel
1994    Ellis Kocher
1995    Joe Schmid
1996    George Carey
1997    Bill Kendig
1998    John Weber
1999    Dave Landolt
2000    Ellis Kocher
2001    Ron Huisenga
2002    Bob Phifer
2003    Dave Landolt
2004    Phil Calabria
2005    Dave Landolt
2006    Ig Jakovac
2007    Rich Maurer
2008    Don Pearce
2009    Jerry Heebner
2010    Don Detweiler
2011    Bruce Aldinger
2012    Ken Gingrich
2013    Al Anderton
2014    Dave Harbove
2015    David Gale
2016    Walt Barnes
2017    Ron Keppler
2018    Brian Quinn
2019    Tom Telford
2020    Anne Bureau

2021    Paul Kriner
2022    Akiva Harker


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