Are you a singer? Looking for a great place to sing? Let's ring some chords!

The North Pennsmen are the premier men's a cappella ensemble in Montgomery County, PA.  More than that, we're a family of singers who support and encourage one another beyond the great music we create.

Find your voice and some good friends, too.  Just visit our rehearsal next Tuesday at 7 PM..  It's the perfect way to discover more about us and what we can do for you!

You'll be invited to sing with us on the first night.  Even as a guest, you'll learn excellent singing skills and enjoy great harmonies, rich music, friendship and fun.


Benefits of Being a North Pennsman

There are many benefits of singing, including good health and happiness.  Here are some benefits of singing with us:

 Facilities & Fees

• Sheet music is provided at no charge to members
• The chapter pays for rehearsal hall rental
• The chapter pays for the director’s compensation
• All music licensing and performance licensing and fees are paid by the chapter


Musical Instruction

• Music learning tracks are provided at no cost to members
• High quality choral instruction and coaching is provided weekly
• Individual voice work is provided when needed
• Sectional instruction is provided as needed
• External coaching is provided by world class coaches several times per year
• Musical education is subsidized – this includes Harmony College East, Harmony University, Leadership Academy (in the case of Leadership Academy, the chapter pays for tuition as well as expenses, for HCE and/or HU the chapter sets aside money and partially reimburses attendees. The reimbursement amount is $100 for HCE and $300 for HU)

Personal Benefits

• All uniforms (excluding shoes) are provided by the chapter
• The chapter periodically subsidizes various social events
• The chapter encourages quartets by paying for their annual registration dues – the quartet pays for the first year and the chorus pays future years until the quartet disbands
• Coaching is provided to quartets at no cost by our internal coach and/or director
• A novice quartet contest is held annually to encourage new members to sing in a quartet
• The chapter provides multiple public performance opportunities, including two annual shows and two conventions (where we compete and receive feedback from certified judges)
• The Chapter facilitates Chapter quartet Gigs for requests that come to the Chapter by email or phone
• The Chapter provides opportunities for members to use their experience, talents and interests in non-singing Chapter activities.
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