We are always looking for NEW MEMBERS to share the joy of singing!
Are you a singer? looking for a great place to sing? Come out and share your voice!

The North Pennsmen Chorus is more than just an a cappella ensemble. It is a family. We love getting together each week, working hard to support and complement each other and create great music by ringing chords.

Come discover your VOICE! Sit in on our rehearsals! It's the perfect way to find out more about us, and what we can do for you!

You'll be invited to sing with our group on the first night. You will learn excellent singing skills and join in on the great harmonies, rich music, friendship and fun.


Benefits of Being a North Pennsman

There are many benefits of singing, including good health and happiness.  Here are some benefits of singing with us:

 Facilities & Fees

• Sheet music is provided at no charge to members
• The chapter pays for rehearsal hall rental
• The chapter pays for the director’s compensation
• All music licensing and performance licensing and fees are paid by the chapter


Musical Instruction

• Music learning tracks are provided at no cost to members
• High quality choral instruction and coaching is provided weekly
• Individual voice work is provided when needed
• Sectional instruction is provided as needed
• External coaching is provided by world class coaches several times per year
• Musical education is subsidized – this includes Harmony College East, Harmony University, Leadership Academy (in the case of Leadership Academy, the chapter pays for tuition as well as expenses, for HCE and/or HU the chapter sets aside money and partially reimburses attendees. The reimbursement amount is $100 for HCE and $300 for HU)

Personal Benefits

• All uniforms (excluding shoes) are provided by the chapter
• The chapter periodically subsidizes various social events
• The chapter encourages quartets by paying for their annual registration dues – the quartet pays for the first year and the chorus pays future years until the quartet disbands
• Coaching is provided to quartets at no cost by our internal coach and/or director
• A novice quartet contest is held annually to encourage new members to sing in a quartet
• The chapter provides multiple public performance opportunities, including two annual shows and two conventions (where we compete and receive feedback from certified judges)
• The Chapter facilitates Chapter quartet Gigs for requests that come to the Chapter by email or phone
• The Chapter provides opportunities for members to use their experience, talents and interests in non-singing Chapter activities.
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